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Australia-ASEAN Council 2019-20 Special Projects

Southeast Asia and COVID-19: A Deeper Look

Grantee: Asia Society Australia

Areenee Jasiti a store assistant manager, Bangkok (Credit: UN Women Ploy Phutpheng)
Areenee Jasiti a store assistant manager, Bangkok (Credit: UN Women Ploy Phutpheng)

Project Description:

The COVID-19 pandemic is a great leveller – a fearsome test of governments and governing philosophies the world over. In Southeast Asia, a region of some 655 million people, many live in crowded cities with weak public health infrastructure, and there are great concerns that COVID-19 will wreak economic, social and political havoc. While the virus is a major threat to the region's public health system, Southeast Asia's response to the challenges of the pandemic will also have enormous global and geopolitical significance.

The Asia Society Policy Institute and Asia Society Australia (ASA) joint project - Southeast Asia and COVID-19: A Deeper Look - examines the COVID-19 pandemic and its various impacts on Southeast Asia.

The project aims to identify trends and describe what these changes mean for the region’s future economic, security and political trajectory. The project will produce short analytical papers and policy perspectives across six key areas, including public health, trade, and Southeast Asian regionalism.  The project will also include interviews with leading regional experts, short videos of which will form part of our website content.

Key Dates:

  • Geopolitical Competition and Regionalism public event, Online, 07/12/2020
  • Economy and Trade public event, Online, 05/10/2020

Social media:


Website: Asia Society Australia

Australia-ASEAN Council Grant: $21,175.00 (including GST)

ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership – Digital Program

Grantee: ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership (AASYP)

ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership logo

Project Description:

In response to COVID-19, AASYP and AAC is excited to present a fresh and engaging three-part digital program. 

First, we are proud to present AASYP Reset – a regional creative problem-solving challenge encouraging young Australians and ASEANers to develop and pitch solutions to the region’s most pressing problems. Working in teams of between two to four people, participants will conduct research, apply design thinking approaches and invent new ways to tackle a key challenge facing ASEAN and Australia.

Second, we are excited to introduce AASYP Spark – a new resource hub for young leaders around the region. Many youth organisations in the region lack the networks, expertise or experience to effectively strategically plan, access grant funding or find partners or collaborators. By curating relevant resources in one location, AASYP can assist youth organisations have more impact.

Finally, we will be delivering the ASEAN-Australia Future Series – a three-part webinar series dissecting ASEAN-Australia relations with the biggest thinkers in the business. Each webinar will dive deep into the role of ASEAN and Australia in our region’s future, with each webinar culminating in the launch of a new section of our AASYP Spark resource.

Key Dates:

  • Series runs from September to December 2020

Social media:


Australia-ASEAN Council Grant offer: $10,576.50 (including GST)

Young Entrepreneurs & Leaders Speaker Series

Grantee: Social Good Outpost

Young Entrepreneurs & Leaders Speaker Series - Digital Delegations in ASEAN
Young Entrepreneurs & Leaders Speaker Series - Digital Delegations in ASEAN. (Credit: Social Good Outpost)

Project Description:

The aim of the Young Entrepreneurs & Leaders Speaker Series is to showcase, inspire, celebrate and connect young entrepreneurs and leaders that are making a difference to their societies.

We bring young Australian experts and speakers to select countries in the ASEAN region, hosting week-long delegations around cutting edge issues that drive opportunities for collaboration. In 2020-2021, we will be running five digital delegations involving workshops, Q&As, forums, keynote speeches and events with leading young Australian and ASEAN experts. We will gather a broad range of society together to discuss topics like entrepreneurship, leadership, the environment and climate change, equality, technology, COVID-19 adaptation and recovery, and more. 

We believe that youth in Australia and ASEAN region are pioneering innovation and creativity and are at the heart of collaboration on core issues to our region. Join us at

Key Dates:

  • Digital delegations: from September 2020 to May 2021

Social media:

Website: Young entrepreneurs & leaders speaker series

Australia-ASEAN Council Grant: $54,450.00 (including GST)

Australia-ASEAN Co-Lab 2020

Grantee: Generate Worldwide

Australia-ASEAN Co-Lab 2020 logo

Project Description:

The Australia ASEAN CoLab brings together 20 young social entrepreneurs from across Australia and Southeast Asia to develop solutions to challenges created and amplified by the COVID-19 global pandemic. The young leaders are competitively selected from the ten ASEAN member countries and Australia. Throughout the six week digital program, this selected group of innovators will participate in leadership, entrepreneurship, cultural and networking workshops, and events. This program engages the next generation of leaders across the region, builds awareness of collaboration opportunities, builds entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities, and facilitates networks among young leaders, high-level government representatives, and the social enterprise ecosystem. The CoLab fosters intercultural understanding between young leaders and their respective countries during a period of global disruption. The Australia ASEAN CoLab 2020 is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-ASEAN Council of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The program is facilitated and curated by Generate Worldwide and Cultural Intelligence.

Key Dates:

  • Workshops Networking & Events from 02/11/2020 to 11/12/2020

Social media:

Website: Australia ASEAN CoLab 2020

Australia-ASEAN Council Grant: $86,900.00 (including GST)

Australian Business in ASEAN COVID-19 Impact Survey: July 2020

Grantee: AustCham ASEAN

AustCham ASEAN logo

Project Description:
AustCham ASEAN has undertaken the Australian Business in ASEAN COVID-19 Impact Survey: July 2020 to better assess the challenges business across ASEAN has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a supplementary survey to the initial COVID-19 Impact Survey undertaken in April 2020 and has provided a great amount of comparative data through which AustCham ASEAN can assess which relief assistance measures business has used across the region as well as the biggest challenges faced in each of the unique jurisdictions across the region as AustCham ASEAN works harder to encourage ASEAN integration.

Key Dates:

  • Individual Chamber webinars in each ASEAN country, Virtual, 15/09/2020 to 23/09/2020
  • Webinar with ERIA, Virtual, 09/09/2020 to 14/09/2020
  • Webinar with DFAT and Austrade, Virtual, 02/09/2020 to 09/09/2020

Social media:

Website: AustCham ASEAN

Australia-ASEAN Council Grant: $15,000.00 (no GST)

Creating Gender Equality through Trading Opportunities

Sector: Women in Leadership

Country location: Australia, Laos, Vietnam

Grantee: Femeconomy

Temple & Markets Founder, Judith Treanor and Social Good Outpost Co-Founder, Elise Stephenson - Facilitators for the Creating Gender Equality Through Trading Opportunities virtual Roundtables (Credit: Femeconomy)
Temple & Markets Founder, Judith Treanor and Social Good Outpost Co-Founder, Elise Stephenson - Facilitators for the Creating Gender Equality Through Trading Opportunities virtual Roundtables (Credit: Femeconomy)

Project Description:
Globally, women owned businesses access less than 2% of procurement opportunities. To deepen the understanding of how gender equality procurement principles can be applied in Australia, Laos and Vietnam, Femeconomy will be hosting four intercultural virtual round tables.These sessions will explore the barriers and enablers in accessing trading opportunities for women owned businesses and share insights across the three geographies. It is intended that the findings will be able to be implemented across the three countries.

The first two roundtables will be hosted by Elise Stephenson and will involve Laos/Australian businesses and Vietnamese/Australian businesses. Elise is a multi-award winning strategist, researcher and entrepreneur, and is a sought-after consultant in Australia and Asia on women’s leadership, gender equality, next generation leadership, social change and social marketing.

The second two roundtables will be hosted by Judith Treanor. Judith is the Owner of Temples & Markets, an online curated store that supports South East Asian artisans into a better life, the Founder of the Pop Up Collective in Australia and also travel expeditions - Shop, Eat, Love Our Vietnam.

Key Dates:

  • Virtual Roundtable 1 - hosted by Elise Stephenson, Online, 10/03/2021
  • Virtual Roundtable 2 - hosted by Elise Stephenson, Online, 11/03/2021
  • Virtual Roundtable 2 - hosted by Judith Treanor, Online, 18/03/2021
  • Virtual Roundtable 2 - hosted by Judith Treanor, Online, 19/03/2021

Social media:

Website: Femeconomy

Australia-ASEAN Council grant offer: $23,320.00 (including GST)
Total project value: $38,720.00

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