Fighting for LGBTIQA+ Victorians since 1997

The Victorian Pride Lobby is a community based advocacy group that works towards equality, social justice and advancing human rights for lesbian, gay, queer, bisexual, and same sex attracted Victorians.  MORE

About the Lobby

We work together with, and lobby on behalf of, the whole community. We do not speak in the place of trans and gender diverse, intersex, and asexual community members, but rather work in conjunction with trans and gender diverse, intersex, and asexual community organisations to achieve social change for the LGBTIQA+ community. MORE

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We are a community advocacy group run entirely by dedicated volunteers. We are an inclusive group and have a place for people of all skill levels.  Improve your own work skills, make friends and help your community at the same time. Become a volunteer today. MORE

We campaign on behalf of LGBTIQA+ Victorians for…

Anti-LGBTIQA+ Discrimination

Australian and State legislation provides protection from discrimination for LGBTIQA+ people.  However there are religious exemptions which allow religious organisations to discriminate against students and employees based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and lawful sexual activity. We are committed to removing these exemptions.

Family Violence

Family violence exists within the LGBTIQA+ community.  It is not limited to intimate partner violence and may be perpetrated by parents, siblings or children.  LGBTIQA+ family violence can be driven by a want to control, but also by of homo/bi/transphobia and intersexism.  What maybe different between heterosexual and LGBTIQA+ family violence are the specific tactics, such as withholding HIV or hormone medication or threatening to someone etc.  There LGBTIQA+ and friendly family violence available for support.

Housing and Homelessness

LGBTIQA+ people need to be able to access housing and homelessness services without fear of discrimination or concerns over their safety.  LGBTIQA+ people experience higher rates of homelessness than the general population and more needs to be done to ensure services are inclusive and responsive to the individuals needs.


Inclusive Education and Anti-Bullying

Two thirds of LGBTIQA+ people experience homophobic bullying, 18% experience physical bullying and those rates are substantially higher for trans young people. 80% of that bullying happens at school.  We support programs that encourage students to understand and respect one another.


LGBTIQA+ Priorities for Local Council

Rainbow Local Government is a campaign coordinated by the Victorian Pride Lobby in the lead-up to the 2020 Victorian Local Council Elections. We’re asking candidates to take a pledge to campaign for and support LGBTIQA+ rights in their local area.


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