Each year, toxic air pollution from coal-burning power stations causes 800 people to die prematurely, 14,000 asthma symptoms among children, and 850 babies born with low birth weight. 

The annual health bill of coal-burning power is $2.4 billion – more than two-thirds the amount the federal government has spent on the COVID healthcare package.  

In Australia, big polluters get off scot-free for polluting far more than other countries allow, while Australians pay the cost with their health and their lives. 

Enough is enough. Deadly air pollution can no longer be ignored – our governments must urgently move to address the serious flaws in our regulatory system that have fuelled this public health crisis. 

Will you email your state Environment Minister and tell them to crack down on coal pollution to protect our health and save lives? 

Read our latest report Costs of Negative Health Outcomes Arising from Air Pollution from Coal-Fired Power Stations.