I’m a proud ASU member from ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch. I know there are hundreds of ASU members like me working in the environmental justice movement across Australia. As a union member, I know that my union will not take a backward step in fighting for fairness and equality for all and real action on climate change.

A fair and just transition to the next economy where workers and communities are respected needs effective workplace rights.

The Morrison government is attempting to limit unions’ ability to protect workers through the Ensuring Integrity Bill and Worker Benefits Bill.

If one thing is certain, long after the Morrison government leaves office, unions will still be here fighting for the rights of workers.

And we can only do that together. Unions have power because of the members’ strength. Only when we stay united can we make change happen for the better.

So we’ve joined other environment organisations signing on to a statement of support for the union movement.

– Maxwell Smith, EJA Clean Air Campaigner