Victoria is a state with diverse natural landscapes and wildlife found nowhere else on Earth. In just a few hours you can go from ocean to mountains to desert.  

We are all so lucky to call this place home. But right now, our beautiful home is under threat.  

While we are still reeling from the catastrophic summer bushfires, logging continues in threatened wildlife habitat and the impacts of climate change are rapidly being felt. 

And yet the very laws that should be protecting our most vulnerable wildlife are facilitating their decline. 

Right now, we have an important opportunity to change the trajectory for the places and wildlife we love in Victoria.  

Will you make a submission to the Victorian Inquiry into Ecosystem Decline and tell them you want stronger protections for Victoria’s unique natural places and wildlife?

This is an opportunity to turn Victoria’s deteriorating biodiversity around.

We must halt the rate of extinction, and put essential protections in place to restore habitats and bring wildlife back from the brink.

Have your say and make sure that the Victorian government understands that stronger protections are essential to restore our unique and beautiful environment.

Submissions written in your own words are much more powerful. 

Include a personal message in your submission about why you care and any other information you think will help the Inquiry understand why we need an overhaul in our environment laws in Victoria. Or better yet, write your own detailed submission from scratch either using our online form or though the government site here.