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Linking Policy

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AustLII is happy for organisations or individuals (whether running free or subscriber services) to link to any and all AustLII pages. In particular, AustLII encourages web developers to create rich legal web sites and use AustLII as the "back end" to provide updated versions of Acts, regulations, cases and other materials. A number of caveats apply:

  1. The canonical host name is Do not use older host names (eg ""). Do not use

  2. When linking to cases, be careful using links that end in "unrep" and then a number. These are temporary locations and will generally change quickly.

  3. When linking to WorldLII pages use the canonical URL given in italics at the bottom of the page. The essential feature is that it ends in a number, followed by ".html". Do not use the "path" version. For example, link to /links/122.html, not /links/Australia/Governments. The numbered versions do not change -- the other ones might.

  4. If running a subscriber or "pay per view" site please make sure that your users are aware that AustLII content is in fact free and that they are paying for your services not the content that AustLII offers.

  5. In all cases, please ensure that there is no confusion as to the origin of the AustLII content.


As per the linking policy above, AustLII has no objections to its pages appearing within frames of other sites. However the same caveats as above apply. Take special care when using frames to not misrepresent the origin of the AustLII content. If fees are involved you should take special care that users are aware that the AustLII content is free and available as such directly from the AustLII web site.

If AustLII content is to be filtered through a script it must not modify the page. Logos and text must remain intact.

We can help...

AustLII provides tools to help you create deep links into our site. See Usermark for more information.

You can build quite sophisticated and rich search interfaces covering specialist areas of law. Consult the SINO CGI API or Example Forms for more information.

Finally, if you would like to collaborate with AustLII on a project please contact us at Feedback.

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