Monthly Archives: January 2015

Water citizenship: advancing community involvement in water governance

The focus of this report is the involvement of the community in decision-making processes about the use, management or regulation of water resources and water ecosystems. These are community organisations with an environmental emphasis and Aboriginal community interests. View or…

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The Yarra

Misty Yarra by Ian Penrose

The Yarra is one of the last big open spaces available to Melburnians, a living space for nature and people alike. Enjoying the river comes in many forms – walking, cycling, rowing, kayaking, boating, fishing, or just savouring a coffee…

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The Yarra in danger

A platypus in the Yarra River

Platypus can still be found in parts of the river, but numbers are declining

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New Laws Needed

Just before Victoria’s state election, the ALP promised to introduce a Yarra River Protection Act, along with a trust to guard the river corridor from inappropriate development and promote the river’s amenity and significance. Successive governments have realised that the…

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