Monthly Archives: July 2016

New report charts the way to a better future for the Yarra

Environmental Justice Australia and the Yarra Riverkeeper have published a new report, The future of the Yarra.

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Protecting the Yarra River (Birrarung) Discussion Paper: Guide to submissions for community groups

A platypus in the Yarra River

Introduction The Yarra Protection Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) has recently released its discussion paper on ideas and options for a Yarra River Protection Act. This piece of work is the latest stage in the process toward enactment of this legislation,…

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New report brings Yarra one step closer to getting the protection it deserves

The Ministerial Advisory Committee on the Yarra River Protection Act has┬áreleased its discussion paper┬ádetailing its ideas for a Yarra River Protection Act. Submissions needed The Yarra River Protection Act offers a once in a generation opportunity to produce world leading…

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