What does our proposal for a co‐design process look like?

Here’s a snapshot –

The Government’s commitment to a Yarra River Protection Act is a once in a generation opportunity to enact world class river management legislation for an urban river. In recognition of the iconic nature of the Yarra River to the people of Melbourne, and the direct impact management of the Yarra has on the Melbourne community, we are advocating for the government to agree to a co-design process for the development of the Yarra River Protection Act. Co-design policy processes are one form of ‘deliberative democracy’ – an approach that has been used around the world to ensure citizens are active participants in governance.

The co-design process would be a 6–12 month process that brings together representatives from relevant government agencies, local councils, business and the community to produce a proposal for legislation for the Yarra River Protection Act. A committee of representatives from each of these sectors would be chosen as the ‘Yarra co-design committee’ to

investigate, develop and design the proposal. A series of co-design workshops would be held with committee members to enable them to investigate and discuss options and develop a legislative proposal. A small secretariat and an expert panel will support the committee.

The committee would release an initial discussion paper and a later options paper for public consultation, and will be responsible for engaging key stakeholders outside the committee at appropriate points in the process. At the end of the process the proposal would be presented to government. A key feature of the co-design process is that the government would agree from the outset that its intention is to adopt the legislative proposal, as far as possible.


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