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Over the Sea – bringing island nations together across the ocean

AJF Priority Area: Reconstruction

Country location: Australia, Japan

Grantee: Polyglot Theatre

Children with arts and crafts
Polyglot Theatre in Minami Sanriku 2018 (Credit: Ai Ueda)

Project description

In 2020, Polyglot Theatre returns to Minami Sanriku, a small town devastated by the 2011 tsunami, for the fifth time. Acchi Cocchi, a music organisation with deep connections in the Tohoku region as a result of their sustained engagement there since 2011, will once again join Polyglot as collaborators.

Together the companies will deliver creative workshops in five local elementary schools, in which children will experience live music and interaction, an immersive space for play and creativity, engagement with performers and conversational post-play sessions. Through these sessions, children's individual choice will be honoured and their confidence in their own abilities nurtured.

The children's creative works and stories will inform a public installation offered for free on the weekend as a playful experience for all, with the community invited to participate by responding to the children's perspectives and adding to the installation. Developing and supporting the local children's relationship with play is at the core of the project's aims.

Polyglot is proud to be returning to Minami Sanriku at the request of the regional Education Department, and will also be offering professional development opportunities to local teachers as part of its visit.

Key dates

School workshops, Minami Sanriku, Japan, 11/06/2020 to 18/06/2020

Public community event, Minami Sanriku, Japan, 20/06/2020

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Australia-Japan Foundation grant: $31,000

Last Updated: 11 September 2019
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