How we helped our clients get compensation

How we helped our clients get compensation

Every day our lawyers work with clients from a multitude of backgrounds. Many of these clients have faced significant challenges and setbacks in their lives, which have often contributed to their legal problems.

In these stories you can read about some of our clients' personal journeys and how we helped them to resolve their legal issues and get on with their lives.

Paul's story

Paul worked as a bouncer at a suburban pub. One night, when Paul tried to restrain a drunk man, he was headbutted and punched in the face. After the attack Paul couldn’t work any more. Find out how we helped Paul get compensation.

Mandy's story

Mandy had lived through a physical assault by a sibling when she was a teen, which lead to her suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse and depression. Find out how we helped give Mandy* peace of mind and helped her make a claim for the impact of the assault.

Margaret's story

The court acquitted Margaret's alleged rapist because it could not find that the victim did not consent, in part because of the victim’s disability. Find out how helped Margaret ease the trauma and the horror of her experience by assisting her to make a claim for financial assistance.

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