How victims of crime can get help

How victims of crime can get help

Call us for free information about the law and how we can help you if you are a victim of crime.

Phone 1300 792 387, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

If you need an interpreter let us know. Read how to get help for people with hearing or speech difficulties​.

If we can’t help you we can refer you to other organisations that can.

Help in an emergency

In an emergency, when an urgent police response is required, call ‘000’ to report a crime.

Other organisations that can help

Victims of Crime website

The Victims Support Agency gives practical assistance to help victims recover from the effects of crime through the Victims of Crime website and helpline.

The Victims of Crime Helpline is a free service offering information, advice and referrals to help victims to manage and recover from the effects of crime. Helpline staff can also contact other agencies on your behalf so you don't need to repeat your story.

The Victims Support Agency also manages:

  • the Victims Assistance and Counselling Program, which provides short-term counselling, ongoing practical support, outreach services, court support, referral to specialist support groups
  • the Victims Register, which allows a victim of violent crime to be advised at key points while the offender is under sentence or (where applicable) extended supervision after completing the sentence.

Call the helpline for more information about these services.

The Victims of Crime website also has information about other services that can help and a list of publications and fact sheets to support victims of crime.

Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal

Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal provides financial assistance to victims of violent crime committed in Victoria.

Legal services

Many community legal centres can give you legal information and advice if you want to apply to the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal for financial assistance. Most services are free.

Help for witnesses

Witness Assistance Service is available to all victims of crime and prosecution witnesses involved in cases being handled by the Office of Public Prosecutions.

If you are a victim or a prosecution witness, an experienced social worker can assist you before, during and after the court process. The service can help to arrange a pre-court meeting between you and a lawyer or prosecutor and keep you updated on the progress of the case.

Child Witness Service offers support to victims or witnesses of crime under the age of 18 through the process of giving evidence at court. Child witnesses can give evidence through a live closed circuit TV link to the courtroom.

Help at court

Court Network can provide support on the day of the hearing, help organising child care and disability access, provide information about court procedures and help with arrangements to ensure your safety when you’re at court.

They also have a telephone information and referral services for victims of crime who have to attend court. Court Network staff are available in the Magistrates', County, Supreme, Family and Coroner's courts.

Youthlaw website

Youthlaw provides detailed information about what you can do if you are a victim of a crime, including useful links.

Office of Public Prosecutions (Victoria)

The Office of Public Prosecutions's website has information on:

  • The Victims' Charter your rights as a victim of crime and what to do if you think your rights have been breached
  • Taking the next step, a guide explaining how the courts and criminal trials work for families who have lost a loved one as a result of a crime
  • The role of victims and witnesses in the criminal justice system. It covers available support if you are giving evidence in court
  • Witness expenses and financial assistance and compensation for vicims of crime
  • Now You Are a Witness and Witness Assistance Service publications.


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