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About the LIV's History

Founded in 1859, the LIV is recognised by businesses, government and the general public as the leader of the legal profession in Victoria.

With more than 19,500 members (as of 30 June 2016), the organisation represents a potent force of opinion and expertise. The LIV is able to shape the nature and reputation of the legal profession, and influence reforms to the justice system so it better serves the needs of the Victorian community.

Through their association with the LIV, members can benefit professionally, personally and in business by taking advantage of our many products, services and activities.

The LIV is a non-profit organisation dedicated to benefitting its members and the development, maintenance and the sustenance of the law for the benefit of the community.

Past Presidents

Within the LIV’s organisational framework, the role of the President is to lead and guide Council, in conjunction with the CEO and Leadership Group, in determining the objectives, policies and strategic direction of the LIV and to build strong relationships with key stakeholders, members and staff.

The President and Council are to monitor the organisational performance and to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, oversee the financial performance and communicate and liaise with members and other relevant parties. Most importantly, the President is the public face of the LIV and represents the Company and its members.

Under the Frequently Asked Questions below, you will find lists of our past presidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Past Presidents 2000–Present
    2000-01 Concettina (Tina) Millar (deceased)
    2001-02 John Matthew James Corcoran
    2002 David John Faram
    2003 William Patrick O'Shea
    2004 Christopher Antony Dale
    2005 Victoria Strong
    2006 Catherine Gale
    2007 Geoffrey Provis
    2008 Tony Burke
    2009 Danny Barlow
    2010 Steven Stevens
    2011 Caroline Counsel
    2012 Michael Holcroft
    2013 Reynah Tang
    2014 Geoff Bowyer
    2015 Katie Miller
    2016 Steven Sapountsis
    2017 Belinda Wilson


  • Past Presidents 1950–1999
    1950-51 Arthur Dean Pearce
    1951-52 Arthur William Warrington Rogers
    1952-53 John Miller Rodd
    1953-54 Thomas Molomby
    1954-55 Thomas Alfred Pearce
    1955-57 Phillip Moerlin Fox
    1957-58 James McConnell Hambleton
    1958-59 John Stanley Elder
    1959-60 John Ralph Burt
    1960-61 Geoffrey Chaverton Wyatt
    1961-62 Hulbert Andrew Greening
    1962-63 Arthur William Warrington Rogers
    1963-64 Peter Campbell Trumble
    1964-65 David Stuart Murray
    1965-66 Sir Edward Cohen
    1966-67 John Wallace Ball
    1967-68 Hartwell George Lander
    1968-69 Thomas Molomby
    1969-70 Neville Leonard Colbran
    1970-71 Robert Winston Gaylard
    1971-72 Leigh Masel (deceased)
    1972-73 John Alfred Cain
    1973-74 Alan Robert Lobban (deceased)
    1974-75 John Albert Dawson (deceased)
    1975-76 John Carlisle Richards (deceased)
    1976-77 Brian Patrick McCarthy
    1977-78 David Anthony Talbot Jones
    1978-79 Bernard George Teague
    1979-80 Rowland John Ball
    1980-81 Anthony Felstead Smith (deceased)
    1981-82 Matthew John Walsh
    1982-83 Alan Kingsley Cornell
    1983-84 Jack Henry Harty (deceased)
    1984-85 David Arthur Miles
    1985-86 Frank Watson Paton
    1986-87 Bernard George Teague
    1987-88 Ian Maxwell Dunn
    1988-89 Jonathan Clifton Mott
    1989-90 John Stanley Kelly
    1990-91 Peter Salvatore Gandolfo
    1991-92 Gail Ann Owen
    1992-93 Gordon Langford Hughes
    1993-94 David John Denby (deceased)
    1994-95 Peter Roderick Leslie Smith
    1995-96 Mark Geoffrey Woods
    1996-97 James Henry York Syme
    1997-98 Geoffrey Provis
    1998-99 Robert Andrew Scott
    1999-00 Michael Phillip Gawler

  • Past Presidents 1901–1950
    1901-02 James Maitland Campbell
    1902-03 William John Fookes
    1903-04 Montague Cohen
    1904-05 Herbert Turner
    1905-06 James Hall
    1906-07 M.H. Davies
    1907-08 William Riggall
    1908-09 R. Beckett
    1909-10 Henry Tilley Washington Stillman
    1910-11 Arthur Morrice Williams
    1911-12 Edward Charles Rigby
    1912-13 Joseph Fitzgerald
    1913-14 Lewis Henry Braham
    1914-15 Charles Aldred Dale
    1915-16 John William Robertson
    1916-17 Henry Upton
    1917-18 Thomas Cauvine Alston
    1918-19 James Volum McEacharn
    1919-20 Henry Walter Courtney Simpson
    1920-21 Sir Arthur Robinson
    1921-22 Charles Hugh Lucas
    1922-23 Robert Leslie White
    1923-24 John Beacham Kiddle
    1924-25 Raynes Waite Stanley Dickson
    1925-26 Hubert Ralph Hamer
    1926-27 Charles Hugh Lucas
    1927-28 Harold Edward Elliott
    1928-29 William Slater
    1929-30 Leonard Roberts Stillman
    1930-31 John Patrick Rhoden
    1931-32 Edward James Hamilton
    1932-33 George Frederich Pitcher
    1933-34 George O'Dell Crowther
    1934-35 Henry Newton Spencer Wollaston
    1935-36 Francis Plumley Derham
    1936-37 Wallace John Ball
    1937-38 James Burt Aitken
    1938-39 Francis Roche Gubbins
    1939-40 Alan John Moir
    1940-41 William Slater
    1941-42 Ian McEacharn
    1942-43 Edmund Leolin Piesse
    1943-44 Edmund Leolin Piesse
    1944-45 Ronald Fox Hall
    1945-46 Roy James McArthur
    1946-47 Robert Nelson Vroland
    1947-48 Duncan Cornelius Mackinnon
    1948-49 John Paterson Adam
    1949-50 Francis Plumley Derham

  • Past Presidents 1859–1900
    1859-60 David Ogilvy
    1860-62 The Hon J.B. Bennett
    1862 K.E. Brodribb
    1862-64 T. Hamlet Taylor
    1864-65 E. Klingender
    1866-67 Alfred Brooks Malleson
    1868-70 Robert S. Anderson
    1870-72 Alfred Brooks Malleson
    1872 John Macgregor
    1873 Alfred Brooks Malleson
    1874 R. Ramsay
    1875 Frederick G. Moule
    1875-76 T. Hamlet Taylor
    1877-78 Robert S. Anderson
    1878-80 Arthur Palmer Blake
    1880-81 Sir John Mark Davies
    1881-82 Frederick G. Moule
    1882-83 R. Ramsay
    1883-84 Robert S Anderson
    1884-85 W. Lynch
    1885-86 Sir John Mark Davies
    1886-87 Sir Frank Madden
    1887-88 J.G. Duffy (may be Duffett)
    1888-89 R.W. Dickson
    1889-90 William Riggall
    1890-91 W.H. Croker
    1891-92 Henry Jennings
    1892-93 A.D. Michie
    1893-94 Edward Augustus Atkyns
    1894-95 W. Brown
    1895-96 Frederick Arthur Moule
    1896-97 Samuel Gabriel Pirani
    1897-98 Thomas Plumley Derham
    1898-99 S. Leon
    1899-1900 Sir Samuel Gillott