Consumer complaints

Consumer complaints

There are laws to protect consumers when they are buying goods. This includes:

  • buying things online or door-to-door
  • buying goods on lay-by
  • getting refunds
  • services, such as work by tradespeople and utility company services (like gas and electricity suppliers).

There are also laws to protect consumers from experiencing discrimination when they are buying goods and services.

If you are not happy with the goods or services you receive you should first make a complaint to the company that supplied them.

If you cannot resolve the issue with the supplier you may be able to get help from another organisation.

The Consumer Affairs Victoria website can help you with information about your rights as a consumer, including:

  • refunds and returns
  • warranties
  • lay-bys
  • product safety
  • energy products and services.


If you experience discriminationwhen buying goods and services, it may be unlawful. For more information see:

More information

Door-to-door sales


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