Traffic offences

Traffic offences

Learn more about:

  • laws to do with the different types of traffic offences
  • what happens at court
  • the possible outcomes, including what might happen to your learner permit or drivers licence
  • where to get help.

If you get a fine

For information about your options if you receive an infringement notice and what happens if you do not pay the fine by the due date see Fines and infringements.

If you are charged with a traffic offence

If you are charged you will have to go to court. You will need to decide if you are going to plead guilty or not guilty. You can represent yourself at court but we strongly recommend that you get legal advice first.

If you are found guilty, a magistrate will decide what penalties to give you.

Types of traffic offences

Most offences apply to drivers and motorcyclists. These include:

There are different laws that apply to P-plate and learner drivers.

We also have information about the road rules that apply to people who ride bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades and scooters.

More information

Going to court for traffic offences

Possible outcomes for traffic offences

Driving and accidents

Driving over the speed limit

Careless driving

Hoon driving and impoundment

Drink driving

Drug driving

Unlicensed driving

Driving while suspended

Minor traffic matters

P-plate and learner drivers

Cycling and skating

Get help

Find out how you can get help with traffic offences

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