Safety Before Court

Before attending Court to make an application for an Intervention Order, you must consider your safety and the safety of your children.  For your safety, it is recommended you:

  • tell someone you trust that you are attending Court and at what time;
  • call the Court to arrange an appointment to ensure your application proceeds on the day;
  • ask to speak to an Applicant Support Worker on the phone when you first call the Court;
  • ask Court staff or the Applicant Support Worker where there is safe parking near the Court;
  • tell someone you trust what train/tram you are taking if you are using public transport, and be aware of other passengers on the train/tram;
  • get on and off the train/tram at different stations than your normal pattern;
  • bring someone you trust to Court for your support;
  • make sure you plan safe, alternative care for your children because the Court process may take all day; and
  • contact a community service organisation that can help you with safety planning, including getting to and from Court safely.


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