Legal Assistance

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA)

VLA attends all headquarter Courts across Victoria and can provide free legal advice about your matter. For further information, please visit the Victoria Legal Aid website.

Federation of Community Legal Centres

Community Legal Centres attend numerous courts throughout Victoria and have 50 centres statewide. They can provide you with free legal advice about your matter. Please follow the link to your local Community Legal Centre.

Women’s Legal Service Victoria

Women’s Legal Service Victoria provides legal advice to disadvantaged women who are experiencing legal problems due to a relationship breakdown and/or domestic violence. For further information, visit the Women's Legal Service website.

Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention Legal Service (FVPLS)

The FVPLS provides assistance to aboriginal victims/survivors of family violence and sexual assault and works with families and communities affected by violence. For further information, visit the FVPLS website.

Private Lawyer

You can obtain a private lawyer to represent you in Court. You may choose to do this if you already have a lawyer for other Court matters, or you are not eligible for legal aid. To find a lawyer please visit the Law Institute of Victoria website.


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