Types of Police Applications

Application and Summons

This is listed for a future hearing date. Police can apply for a Summons alone, meaning there is no order in place, or they can make an application for an Interim Intervention Order. This stays in place until the Court makes another order.

Application and Warrant

Police apply for this if a serious incident has occurred and there is an immediate risk of – and high level of concern for – the safety of the affected family member. A warrant gives the police power to arrest the Respondent and place him/her on bail. That means the Respondent must attend Court to answer their bail. The bail conditions the Police impose will function like an Intervention Order.

Family Violence Safety Notices (FVSN)

These notices function like an Intervention Order application. They can be issued on the spot and can last for up to five working days. Similar to an Intervention Order, an FVSN places certain restrictions on the Respondent. The FVSN then goes to Court where it is decided if it should be extended.


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