Family Violence Court Division

The Family Violence Court Division in Victoria, is located at Ballarat and Heidelberg Magistrates’ Courts.

The Division provide specialist services that aim to:

  • provide easy access to the Court;
  • promote safety of people affected by violence;
  • increase accountability of people who have used violence against family members, and encourage them to change their behavior; and
  • increase the protection of children exposed to family violence.

Family Violence Court Division features:

  • Specially trained Applicant and Respondent Support Workers who can provide support to parties when their matters are before the Court. (They can also provide referrals to community support agencies to ensure support continues after the Court process.)
  • Magistrates specifically trained to hear family violence matters.
  • A dedicated, specifically trained Registrar. The Registrar coordinates all services, and works to ensure the Court hears all matters in a timely manner.
  • Police prosecutors, outreach workers and lawyers with special training in and knowledge of family violence matters.
  • The capacity to hear other matters at the same time as Intervention Order cases. These include bail applications and pleas in criminal cases, family law parenting order matters, and Victims of Crime applications related to family violence.
  • Magistrates are empowered to order male Respondents to attend Men’s Behaviour Change Programs to change their violent and abusive behaviour.


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