What is Family Violence?

What is Family Violence?

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What is family violence?

Family violence is much broader than many people realise.

Most of us understand it includes physical acts such as punching, slapping, pushing or choking, as well as sexual abuse, including pressure to behave sexually in ways in which we are not comfortable.

But it is important to know that family violence takes in emotional and psychological abuse. This can include actions like name calling, put downs and swearing, as well as preventing family members from spending time with certain people, or going where they wish to go.

Family violence extends to controlling another person’s use of money or the opportunity to earn it, as well as threatening words and behaviours towards family members and pets. In addition, if a family member is intimidated, bullied, dominated, or they fearful for their safety, that is family violence too.

It even extends to exposing children to the consequences of family violence, such as seeing injured people or broken property, or the police arriving.

Family violence is much broader than many of us realise. And Intervention Orders are part of a strategy to ensure the safety of all members of our community.