The Victoria Law Foundation: helping to build the evidence base to improve access to justice.

Like all our activities, research work at the Foundation will support better justice for Victorians.

Having spent many years helping Victorians understand their law, we will now also help the justice system better understand how Victorians experience justice, through data collection and analysis, evaluation of processes and primary research. We will focus on building an evidence base to support more effective justice policy and services, particularly in civil law.

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Our first project is to explore the level of legal understanding in the community, and what factors effect a person’s capacity to deal with a legal problem.
Research at the Foundation will make a significant contribution to the Victorian justice system
Our research team; Professor Nigel Balmer , Research Director, and Tenielle Hagland, Research Coordinator
The latest news from Victoria Law Foundation
The Victoria Law Foundation's strategic plan highlights our functions, vision and values.
Victoria Law Foundation welcomes the passing of the Access to Justice bill which results in changes to its core purpose within the Victorian justice system.
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