About us

The Victoria Law Foundation supports better justice through research, education and grants.

We’re helping to build a better justice system for Victoria through research, education and grants.

We have established a new research function, looking at questions on access to justice in civil law, like are our legal processes working? What do we understand about the law? What can data tell us about who is involved in legal action and what outcomes they get? This is an exciting opportunity to build a sound evidence base about the way we interact with the law and the justice system, which will support better services and policy. More information on this soon.

Our education programs work with the general community and students. We connect people with the foundations of our justice system and institutions through events like the Law and You Community Forum, Law Week and Law Talks for VCE students. We also provide training for the justice sector to improve communication and the accessibility of legal information.

Through our Grants program, we help community and legal organisations in a range of ways: to build their research capacity; develop resources for their communities; and run great events during Law Week.

For more than 50 years we have sustained strong networks and commitment to high quality in whatever we do. This continues with our work in research, education and grants, which inform each other and together make a valuable contribution to our justice system and our democracy.

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Our submission outlines our support for a central, well-recognised entry point to legal information for all Victorians, as part of a broader strategy that considers the various ways people address legal problems.
Access to Justice Review
The Foundation was established in 1967, and since 1969 has been working to improve Victorians' understanding of the law and their legal system.
Working at the Foundation gives you the opportunity to work with some really talented people and help Victorians understand the law and use it to improve their lives.
Rachna Muddagouni, Chief Executive Officer, Community West Inc
Victoria Law Foundation is very good at identifying and connecting individuals and organisations to better deliver legal services at the grassroots level. It acts as a catalyst to strengthen and broaden the work of community legal services and their reach across Victoria.
Chief Executive Officer, Community West Inc
Rachna Muddagouni
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