Church Publications

The Church Chronicle

The Church Chronicle began as The Parish Magazine in 1886, changing its name to the Church Chronicle in 1891. During the First World War it was an invaluable resource. The Chronicle contained information about the War itself, news from the Front, correspondence from Chaplains serving, notes from parishes, notes from the Archbishop, and many photographs of people and places.

The monthly publication of the Church Chronicle usually included the following:

  • Editorial Notes on contemporary issues relating to the Church of England and the Diocese;
  • Letter from the Archbishop;
  • Short notes submitted by Parishes on events within the Parish;
  • Articles on religious issues, people and events in the Diocese (e.g.  Dedication of a Church or Building, passing of a priest or notable person, Sunday School Examination results);
  • Articles on Church Institutions and Events (e.g. Mothers’ Union, Anglican Church Mission, Church of England Men’s Society, Girls Friendly Society, Anglican Board of Missions, Bush Brotherhood, St. Francis College); 
  • Articles on issues or events of note (e.g. Prohibition, Coronations, International Affairs).

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Bush Notes

Bush Notes was the monthly newsletter produced by the Charleville Bush Brothers, or, to use their later name, the Brotherhood of St. Paul. At the time of the war the Bush Brotherhood covered a large area of southern Queensland, from its headquarters in Charleville to areas such as Cunnamulla, Mitchell, and St. George. The Bush Notes series often included items taken from the Church Chronicle and reproduced, but also vital specific information relating to the territories covered by the Bush Brothers. Chaplain Cecil Edwards had a particular connection, becoming a Bush Brother in 1910 and eventually becoming their leader in 1927.


Year Books

The Diocese of Brisbane has been producing Year Books since its inception. We have in our collection Year Books dating from 1868 to the present. These include lists of clergy, Parish information, Reports to Synod, Addresses by the Archbishop to Synod that year, and important notices such as changes to Canon Law. It is the addresses by Archbishop Donaldson during these war years that provide the most useful and relevant information, often speaking of the movement of Chaplains during the preceding year. Though away from home, these words show that the Chaplains were certainly never far from the thoughts of the Archbishop and the Diocese.