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Working in Australia

If you want to come to Australia to work you will need a visa that suits the work you intend to do.

We have work visas for:

  • skilled workers
  • people participating in specific activities
  • working holiday makers
  • highly specialised workers
  • trainees, short term
  • experienced business people
  • investors
  • Australia's offshore oil and gas industry

Not all work visas require a sponsor but having a sponsor can increase your chances of getting a visa. You can find a sponsor yourself, or you can put in an expression of interest using SkillSelect.

Checking your work rights

People with visas already in Australia might be able to work. You might also have restrictions around where and how long you can work. Check if you can work and what restrictions apply by using VEVO.

Check conditions online (VEVO)

Getting your superannuation

How to get your super after leaving Australia

Get your super

Find the right visa

To find a visa that suits your purposes

Explore visa options