Fairer and better lives

Justice Connect builds a fairer and better society. We use the law to help people and community groups left behind by an unfair and complicated legal system.

Whether it’s a single mother facing homelessness, a local community group or an older person dealing with family violence, real-life problems so often have legal solutions.

That’s why we connect people with legal help. We use the power of the law to open up the legal system for those locked out of it, and to change the system where it is broken.

Imagine a world that is truly just and fair

Everyone deserves a fair chance at a better life. We believe in a world where people’s rights are respected and laws are applied fairly to all. Too many people’s and community groups’ real-life problems have legal solutions, but a complex and unfair legal system stands in the way.

We change things by getting lawyers and legal help where they’re needed, by empowering people and community groups with the tools and knowledge they need, and by challenging and changing unfair laws and systems.

At Justice Connect, we do what it takes to get great legal help where it’s needed, designing smart solutions to make the biggest difference. We’re bringing the law online to reach everyone who needs help.

Our lawyers reach out to people in moments of great vulnerability to provide them with targeted legal help. We ‘help the helpers’ by giving charities and not-for-profits the tools to get on with the job of building stronger communities. And we help the ‘missing middle’ – people who can’t get a free lawyer, and can’t afford to pay for one.

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Our annual reports

Justice Connect Annual Report 2017-18 Download PDF (2 MB)
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Fairer and better lives

Justice Connect’s strategy for a more just society.

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