ARC Future Fellowships scheme—ARC funding $139.5 million
The budget contains an ongoing funding commitment for the ARC Future Fellowships scheme enabling the award of 100 fellowships per year in the forward estimates. The Future Fellowships scheme supports Australia's best and brightest mid-career researchers to undertake research in areas of critical national importance.

Special Research Initiative for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes—ARC funding $35 million
This initiative will fund a national collaborative network to coordinate team-based cross-disciplinary research projects.

Special Research Initiative for Tropical Health and Medicine—ARC funding $42 million
This initiative will support the expansion of the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine at James Cook University.

Special Research Initiative for an Antarctic Gateway—ARC funding $24 million
This initiative will facilitate scientific collaboration between the University of Tasmania, CSIRO and the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) and improve the partnerships which provide observations of land, sea and ice in the Antarctic.

Boosting Dementia Research—ARC funding $26 million
This proposal, in consultation with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), is to ensure that dementia research takes into account the social, economic and cultural impacts and complex consequences of dementia. Research supported under this initiative will translate into better treatments, care and services to dementia sufferers, carers and their communities. A dedicated research effort is needed to help accelerate progress towards finding a cure for dementia as it is a multi-dimensional problem not just confined to the health of the dementia patients. All calls for applications will be made through the NHMRC in close collaboration with the ARC. More information will be available in the coming weeks.

ARC Budget media release

The ARC CEO has released a statement on the Agency's measures as announced in the 2014–15 budget