Portfolio Budget Statements 2016-17


The Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) provide information on the proposed allocation of funds to achieve government outcomes. They include budget statements for the department as well as entities working under the portfolio. The statements provide information to assist parliament to understand the purpose of each outcome.

Education and Training Portfolio Budget Statements

Education and Training Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements

The Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements (PAES) 2016–17 for the Education and Training Portfolio provide an update to government expenditure estimates for the 2016–17 Budget year and reflect changes since the Budget. They should be read in conjunction with the 2016–17 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO).

The 2016–17 MYEFO included a statement (page 45) about the number of children expected to be accessing subsidised child care in 2019–20. To clarify, the number of children expected to be in subsidised child care in 2019–20 is 1.9 million (2.0 million in 2020–21). Between 2016–17 and 2019–20, the number of children in subsidised care is expected to grow by around 220,000; and between 2016–17 and 2020–21 by almost 300,000.

Entity resources and planned performance