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About this Database

This database contains numbered Acts of the State of South Australia from 1837 onwards. The South Australian Office of Parliamentary Counsel maintains a database of legislation on the South Australian Legislation website. All material herein is reproduced by permission, but does not purport to be the official or authorised version.

Database last updated: 9 April 2018

This is the date on which AustLII last updated this database and does not necessarily indicate the currency of the database. This database is updated from data obtained directly from the South Australian Legislation website on a weekly basis. AustLII aims to publish this data within a day. Any Acts enacted since the date of the last update will not be available from this database. More recently enacted Acts may be available from the South Australian Legislation website.

Data Provision

Data provided in this database is owned by the State of South Australia. AustLII gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the South Australian Attorney-General's Department and Department of Justice in making this data available for public access.
AustLII also wishes to thank Flinders University for the provision of the data for the 1837-2002 Acts.

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No permission to reproduce or use the Government's copyright material other than that expressly stated above is to be implied by the availability of that material on this website.

The government copyright notice relates to copyright in the legislative data. For details of AustLII's copyright in the presentation and organisation of the data, see the AustLII Copyright Notice.