Access to Justice

It is a key priority area of the Australian Bar Association to advocate for fair and equal access to justice for all. The concept of fair and equal access to justice requires that, regardless of means, all people have access to high quality legal services or effective dispute resolution alternatives necessary to protect their rights and interests. Fair and equal access to justice also requires that all people, regardless of race, ethnic origins, gender or disability, are entitled to equal opportunities before the law, and in employment, education and other sectors and services within our society.

Access to Justice Committee

The role of the ABA’s Access to Justice Committee is to provide advice to the Council and Executive regarding policies and funding for the legal assistance sector and access to justice for all. The committee’s role includes but is not limited to, assisting in the formulation of policies, contributing and responding to discussion papers and forums regarding legal assistance funding issues and the ability for all Australians to acesss legal representation.

Members of the Access to Justice Committee:

  • Chair: Jacoba Brasch QC (QLD)
  • Peter Willis SC (VIC)
  • Kate Mooney (TAS) 
  • Gillian Walker (SA)

ABA Media Releases regarding Access to Justice

ABA considers alternative funding options to Australia’s legal assistance crisis – September 2016

Legal Aid: Statement from ABA President Patrick O’Sullivan QC – May 2016