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Essential Trial Advocacy

The ABA Essential Trial Advocacy course provides barristers with an opportunity to receive training in the essential skills of presenting an application, opening a case, examining in chief, cross examining and making a closing address. The course is residential and conducted over five days. The coaches are Australian judges and senior and junior counsel accredited by the ABA ATC. Read more

Appellate Advocacy

The ABA Appellate Advocacy workshop is a non-residential three-day course that develops your skills as an experienced appellate advocate. The workshop focuses on the skills required to seek leave to appeal, engage effectively with the bench, and craft comprehensive yet concise written submissions. The workshop starts by exploring the essence of appellate advocacy, followed by a detailed examination of each of the elements involved in an appeal. Read more

Advanced Trial Advocacy

The ABA Advanced Trial Advocacy Intensive is designed for experienced advocates who are interested in further developing their advocacy skills. Particular areas of advocacy can be focused upon. The intensive provides the option of either a criminal or civil brief, both are based upon real cases. These cases are used as the vehicle for performances and are nominated by advocates at the time of registration. The intensive is residential and is conducted over five days. It is designed to suit the individual needs of the participants. The coaches include senior Australian judges as well as senior international and Australian Silks and Juniors as well as professional voice, movement and impact coaches accredited by the ABA ATC. Read more