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Elizabeth Geddes & Gavin Krasner are Chops for Tea. One of us writes, the other designs. Well actually both of us design, imagine, strategise, create and make things happen through graphic design, copywriting, brand jiggery-pokery, a bit of smoke and mirrors, ye olde two card mime trick and simply messing about — though not in boats. No boats.

Insurance Box is a revolution in car insurance. We’ve created their brand, identity and communications. We’ve created marketing campaigns, directed animations and even wallpaperd their office. See more here.

Brand identity, website and marketing collateral for Ampersand — one of Australia’s leading high touch recruitment consultancies.

We love to work with our local community and we relished the opportunity to create a new identity and marketing collateral for Castlemaine Continuing Education.

Aristotle create Emotional Intelligence  programs for schools across Australia and New Zealand — we’ve given them an identity and intelligent tools to make their communications clear and memorable.

What’s with all the freaking cats? If you love Gambolling in the paddock this is the place for you — you’ll find’ll all our extra curricular activities here.


Great work for great clients

We’ve done an edit of our most recent work. It was like playing favourites with the children.



We've got things to say

A lot goes on at CFT_HQ from sniffing out cultural fun to baking fig tarts. How do we get any work done?



Our extra curricular frolics

When we’re taking a break from not actually doing any work we’re extremely busy with the enormity of pottering about and playing duck goose lamb.



The whole kit and kaboodoo

You could spend hours here disappearing down various rabbit holes. You might end up in the 90s, but hey, that’s ok. We were there and they were pretty good.



Who, what, where

Once upon a time there was a little girl and a little boy. How we laugh and cry.