What is NVDA?

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free “screen reader” which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers. It reads the text on the screen in a computerised voice. You can control what is read to you by moving the cursor to the relevant area of text with a mouse or the arrows on your keyboard.

NVDA can also convert the text into braille if the computer user owns a device called a “braille display”.

NVDA provides the key to education and employment for many blind people. It also provides access to social networking, online shopping, banking and news.

NVDA works with Microsoft Windows. You can download it to your PC, or to a USB stick which you can use with any computer.

Normally screen readers are expensive, making them unaffordable for many blind people. NVDA is free. It’s been downloaded 70,000+ times, in 43 languages.

Our Mission

NVDA is open source software. If you would like to contribute to the project, visit NVDA on GitHub.

How NVDA is Used

  • Download NVDA to your home PC or laptop.
  • Connect with others – email, Skype, social networking.
  • Stay informed – browse the web, read news, download books.
  • Enjoy independence – online shopping, banking, transport info.
“I use NVDA to browse websites, manage my email, use instant messaging, use Skype, listen to and manage music and so on. It’s just a great screen reader.”

– Christopher Hallsworth, United Kingdom

More Testimonials

  • No cost to your employer – NVDA is free!
  • Download to your work computer or laptop.
  • Carry NVDA on a USB flash drive to use with any computer.
“As a computer technician I use NVDA both in the workplace and at home. Given the fact that NVDA has an extremely light computer resource foot print the portable version is a blessing.”

– Squire Dyson, South Africa

More Testimonials

  • NVDA is free!
  • Download to your laptop.
  • Carry NVDA on a USB flash drive to use with any computer.
  • Internet research, email, online curriculum, e-books.
  • Word processing, Powerpoint, Excel and more.
“I used to carry around a laptop all over my school… Once I started using NVDA … I started leaving my laptop and carrying around a flash drive. Thanks to NVDA I now have access to almost any computer in the school.”

– Jesus Reyes, United States

More Testimonials

  • Use NVDA to test software or website accessibility.
  • Ensure text, links, graphics etc. can be “read” by a blind person.
  • NVDA is free.
  • Easy to download.
  • Speech viewer (text) available as well as screen reader voice.
NVDA has been used for accessibility testing by:

  • Yahoo!
  • Microsoft
  • Google