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NationBuilder’s European customers range from political candidates running for office to nonprofits launching donor campaigns to brands, associations, and organisations mobilising their communities of supporters. If you’re building a movement to solve a problem - no matter the scale - our European team is here to help you be successful.


+44 20-3807-0849 *

1 Primrose St, London EC2A 2EX

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our customer success team in LA.
Opening hours are: 6am-10pm PST


Shira Fine
Toni Cowan-Brown

European Team

Toni Cowan-Brown

Toni Cowan-Brown

VP of European Business Development

Kev O'Connor

Kev O'Connor

Community Strategist

Sara Polakova

Sara Polakova

Community Strategist

NationBuilder Architects in Europe

NationBuilder Architects are certified designers who will work with you to build and implement your own custom theme.

Certified Architects have proven they can build great NationBuilder themes and abide by our Community Code of Conduct.

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Recent blog posts

  • Apply political campaign strategies to build brands

    · June 16, 2016 7:57 AM

    At NationBuilder, we offer leadership solutions for political campaigns and political candidates as well as nonprofits, companies, higher education and associations. We have been helping political parties and candidates running for office for over five years and during that time we have learnt a lot of valuable lessons.

    Some of our biggest customers in Europe include major UK political parties and candidates, French presidential candidates and both side of the UK’s EU referendum. I strongly believe that we have some lessons to learn from the political space. Lessons that marketers and company executives can apply immediately to your businesses.  

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