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Across Canada and the Pacific NationBuilder is the leading software for mobilizing communities and leading people to action. If you are a Canadian political candidate running for office, an Australian nonprofit organization building a donor base, or a New Zealand association building a networked infrastructure, our Canadian-Pacific team is here to help you be successful.


Canada and Pacific

Suite 200 - 375 Water Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V6B 5C6


Shira Fine
Toni Cowan-Brown

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Peter Wrinch

Peter Wrinch

Director of Politics and Advocacy

Victoria Cross

Victoria Cross

Community Strategist

Armughan Syed

Armughan Syed

Community Strategist

NationBuilder Architects in Canada and the Pacific

NationBuilder Architects are certified designers who will work with you to build and implement your own custom theme.

Certified Architects have proven they can build great NationBuilder themes and abide by our Community Code of Conduct.

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Recent blog posts

  • Optimize Us!

    · May 05, 2016 11:21 AM


    I was recently in a casual conversation with an advocacy organization about increasing their digital work. The Executive Director seemed quite stressed and a little overwhelmed at the prospect of changing their communications department to include someone who could do digital engagement.

    I tried to ease his nervousness by suggesting maybe they work with a contractor at first to get a sense if the effort would be successful. He agreed and said, “actually, we have already engaged someone to help us with our digital program.” And with that the conversation meandered into some other area of non-profit management.  

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