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  • Horst Tebbe Horst Tebbe Member since 2005

    I'm worried about you all! Vimeo works spectacularly well for me. Too well. Your annual fee can't possibly cover the costs involved in servicing my account. You could not even buy enough cheap disks to store my stuff for that amount. Yet I really need you to stay in business! This may be the only time in my life I have asked a vendor to CHARGE MORE, but I am truly worried about your business case, and the consequences for me if it is not sound. There, I've said it. Thanks for reading, and for your service excellence!

  • Andy Moorer Andy Moorer Member since 2009

    I just wanted to thank the vimeo staff and point out something interesting to staff and community… vimeo has increasingly become the video site of choice for technical directors in the field of film and television. The community of TDs in feature film, games and television is smaller than you'd think, and many of the best and brightest are here on vimeo either posting their work or checking out what the others are doing. Good job vimeo, and thanks community for being a vibrant and active place with videos of constantly superior quality!

  • Daniel Craig Jallits Daniel Craig Jallits Member since 2008

    I really appreciated your timely response and that you actually took the time to read my email, which isn't typical of web tech support services these days. Usually tech support reads half an email and gives a generic solution which doesn't solve the problem at all. If this is the kind of service Vimeo provides than you can count on me being a very happy user.

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