Government Information

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Government and Geographic Information and Data Services

This department has been a federal depository library for more than a century and features such materials as Congressional reports and hearing transcripts, census information, statistics and studies generated by federal agencies, and presidential papers.

Publications and documents from the state of Illinois have been regularly acquired since 1971. City of Chicago publications are also collected. The department is a depository for European Union and United Nations publications and collects documents from many other international organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, ILO, and OECD.

The map collection features USGS, NIMA, NOAA, state, and commercial materials such as topographic, historical, and navigational maps. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software is also available.

Not all materials in the department are cataloged in NUcat (Online Catalog). We encourage you to visit the department or contact us for assistance in identifying and using available resources.

Northwestern faculty, students, and staff with specific data needs should consult Social Science Data Services in the department at (847) 491-4090 for access to and guidance in using ICPSR resources and other data files.

Government Information Staff

FAX: (847) 491-8306

Geoff Swindells
Department Head
(847) 491-2927

Ann Aler
Maps & State Documents Assistant
(847) 467-3679

Chris Davidson
International Information Librarian
(847) 461-4090

Charmaine Henriques
Federal Documents Librarian
Acting State and Local specialist
(847) 491-7603

John Hernandez
Acting Social Science Data Services Specialist
(847) 491 7602

Emily Morrison
Federal Documents Assistant
(847) 467-3679

Voula P. Pantelias
Library Assistant
(847) 467-3679