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Welcome to LawRunner Australia: A Legal Research Tool, an intelligent agent-based front-end interface for the world's largest and best World Wide Web index, Google. A superior index of more than 3 billion web pages, Google handles millions of searches per day.

To help you limit your searches to information relevant to a particular nation, ILRG has produced a series of advanced query templates, or forms, designed to assist researchers in taking advantage the query parameters built into Google.

Query of Australian Sites:


Australian Government

Primary Materials

Australian Constitution
Australian Courts & Legislation Index via the National Library of Australia


Commonwealth Head of State
Commonwealth Government Media Releases
Contacting the Commonwealth

Australian Parliament

Parliament of Australia
Department of the House of Representatives
Department of the Senate
Department of the Parliament Library
Prime Minister, The Honourable John Howard, MP
Contacting the Prime Minister & Members of Parliament


Australian Capital Territory State Government
New South Wales State Government
Northern Territory State Government
Queensland State Government
South Australia State Government
Tasmania State Government
Victoria State Government
Western Australia State Government

Australian Departments & Commissions

Australian Government
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Australian Oceanographic Data Centre
Australian Surveying & Land Information Group
Australian Sports Commission
Department of Employment, Education, Training
Department of Finance
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
Department of Primary Industries & Energy
Environmental Resources of Australia

Select Australian Resources

Australia Lawnet
Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)
National Library of Australia


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