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Chinese Documents Search Help

* mnoGoSearch Reference Manual

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General Information

Welcome to HKLII. This document is designed to help users search documents on HKLII using mnoGoSearch engine (formerly known as UdmSearch), for more information on this search engine, visit mnoGoSearch Official Page.

mnoGoSearch is used to compensate the unsupported Chinese searching in SINO search engine.


Basic Search

Searching Chinese Documents with mnoGoSearch

There is a query box on the front page of HKLII, enter your query in the text box as shown in the following picture. Remeber to select "Chinese Documents*", if you are going to search through Information written in Chinese that stored in HKLII Databases.

Query Box
Please note that, Chinese Documents searching is only allowed when searching HKLII databases.

You can also decide if you want to see documents that contain

Make your selection on the search form.

When ready, press Search. A list of documents will be returned to you. You can use Back on your browser to return to the search screen in order to refine searches. One option you'll notice on the search forms is Boolean query. It is explained below.

Boolean Searches

If you want more advance results, you may use query language. You should select "this boolean query" in the search form.

boolean query

The Search form understands the following boolean operators:

Logical Operator Descriptions
& logical AND. For example, "上訴 & 判監". Search engine will find any documents that contain both "上訴" and "判監". You can also use + for this operator.
| logical OR. For example, "上訴 | 判監". Search engine will find any documents that contain word "上訴" or word "判監".
~ logical NOT. For example, "上訴 & ~ 判監". Search engine will find any documents that contain word "上訴" and do not contain word "判監" at the same time.
Note that: "~" just excludes given word from results. Query "~判監" will find nothing !!
( ) group command to compose more complex queries. For example "( 上訴 | 判監 ) & ~釋放".

Note that: the boolean operator used here is DIFFERENT from SINO, the English Documents Search in HKLII and WorldLII

Advance Search

Full Search Form is provided for user to have a more advance searching. To use the full search form for Chinese Documents,

1. Select "Chinese Documents".
Query Box

2. Click "Full Search Form".
Click Full Search Form
*Remember to select "Chinese Documents" first, if NOT a full search form for English Documents will be shown.

3. Full search form for Chinese Documents Searching.
Full Search Form

The full search form allows you to limit a search to particular category in HKLII database.
The "Search For" selection box under Additional Options provide a thorogh search when you choose Substring.

For more information on mnoGoSearch, see mnoGoSearch Reference Manual.

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