The UAB Institute of Law and Technology (IDT) is a research center that brings together researchers from different disciplines to focus on new approaches to law and technology. The Institute aims at promoting and furthering the development of law and technology related issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Our areas of research include law and artificial intelligence, the semantic web, cultural and legal ontologies, IT governance, legal culture and judicial studies, conflict resolution, and online dispute resolution (ODR).


6th International Workshop on Online Dispute Resolution   6th International Workshop on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR Workshop 2010):
15th December 2010
Liverpool, United kingdom <more information>

Intelligent Multimedia

Intelligent Multimedia
Managing Creative Works in a Digital World
Danièle Bourcier, Pompeu Casanovas, Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay, Catharina Maracke (Eds.)
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Law and technology. Looking into the future


Law and Technology. Looking into the Future
European Press Academic Publishing.
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