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1. Introduction

1.1. How to use this User Guide & Guided Tour

This is both a User Guide, an instruction manual for how to browse and search World Law/DIAL and an online Guided Tour that will take you on an interactive tour of the main features of World Law/DIAL at the completion of each section of the User Guide.

Guided Tour

• Each time you see a Guided Tour sign, you can stop and follow the links and instructions for that part of the Tour. It will take you to examples of the parts of World Law/DIAL that have been described in the preceding paragraphs.

• When you see hypertext links in this Guided Tour, or elsewhere in the tutorial, they will take you to a separate window in your browser.

• Try it now - click on this link: World Law.

• In the printed version of this Tutorial, any text that is a hypertext link will appear with underlining.

• This User Guide will work best with the following browser setting: Underline links should be selected.

1.2. World Law/DIAL

The relationship between DIAL and World Law is as follows:

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