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Complaining about a financial, insurance, superannuation, investment or banking product or advice

Getting a copy of our 'You can complain' brochure

Under the law, you have the right to complain if you are not happy about any aspect of a financial product or service including your bank, building society or credit union account, your insurance policies, superannuation, financial investments and any financial advice you receive. Licensed businesses that sell you financial products and services must have procedures for dealing with your complaint.

As well as getting your own problem sorted out, your complaint may also help other customers and show the firm where it needs to improve its service. This is why we encourage you to complain if things go wrong.

Quick guide
Our one page Quick guide to making a complaint sets out the three steps to making a complaint about a financial product or service. It gives you important tips for what to do at each step. Some complaints may be resolved after taking only the first step. Other more complex complaints may require you follow two or even three steps to get a satisfactory result.

More help on how to complain
For more detailed information about what you should do at each step and what your rights are read these other pages.
Your right to complain
Get your story straight - how to explain your complaint, contact the firm and keep good records
Do you need a translator?
Step 1: Contact the firm and explain the problem
Step 2: Make a formal complaint
Step 3: Sample letters of complaint
Step 3: Go to an independent complaints scheme
Contact details for making a complaint

Brochure: 'You can complain'
Most of the information on FIDO about making a complaint comes from our brochure entitled 'You can complain, a guide to solving problems with financial products and services'. The brochure includes sample letters you can use.

You can download a copy of the brochure as a PDF file or get a printed brochure sent out to you by our Infoline: email for a free copy of the printed booklet or phone 1300 300 630.

'You can complain' is also available in Arabic, Vietnamese and Chinese.

For help with PDF files, read our hints on using PDF files.

Industry codes of practice
Industry codes of practice have been developed by a number of industry associations in the financial services sector. Each code sets out the service standards that you can expect when dealing with a company in that industry.

Quick reference guide to external dispute resolution schemes
Our quick reference guide to external dispute resolution (EDR) schemes and codes of practice is for people working in organisations that help consumers with their questions and problems.

Other types of complaints
If your complaint does not involve a financial, insurance, superannuation, investment or banking product or advice, here's how you can complain to us about a company or person.

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