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{short description of image}Search the Web / Internet Tutorials
Our guide to the best search engines
{short description of image}Subject Gateways
Subject guides to Internet resources
{short description of image}The Invisible Web
The information that search engines can't find
{short description of image}Electronic Australiana
Our guide to online Australian resources
{short description of image}Government Information
Our guide to both print and electronic resources
{short description of image}Library Catalogues - Australian & Overseas
A service of the Australian Libraries Gateway
{short description of image}Electronic Texts and Electronic Journals
A handy guide from the Library of Congress
{short description of image}Discussion Lists
1000's of lists, a valuable resource for research
{short description of image}Images, pictures, sounds

Multimedia resources on the Internet

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Search the Web

All the Web

Search Engines - Features Subject Directories to Browse - How they Work Search Multiple Search Engines at one time - How they Work
Alta Vista Go Network / Directory from Infoseek Ask Jeeves / Natural language - processes questions
Excite Google Web Directory Cyber411
FAST Search LookSmart / Also available in HotBot. DogPile
Google Magellan Internet Guide / Also contains site reviews Inference Find
HotBot MSN Search Ixquick Metasearch
Infoseek (Go Network) Open Directory / Also available in Alta Vista Mamma
Northern Lights Snap MetaFind
Raging Search / from Alta Vista Yahoo Metagopher

Comprehensive Lists of Search Engines

Below are thorough listings of general and specialist search engines to browse in addition to the engines above.

All-in-One Search Page

a convenient single search point for most search engines

Annotated Guide to WWW Search Engines

Australian National University

more than 100 different ways to search the Web

Search Engine Colossus

lists search engines by country and subject

Search Engines Worldwide

lists search engines by country

lists general, world & category search engines, directories and reference sites. Includes tips for promoting and submitting sites and on searching


links to over 1,700 different specialized search engines

Australian Search Engines

Search Engines Subject Directories to Browse Search Multiple Search Engines at one time
Anzwers (searches Australia or select an area) AusIndex / Includes Australian search engines - Anzwers, LookSmart Australia, OzSearch, nineMSN, Excite Australia, WebWombat, Yahoo Australia and the Australian content in Alta Vista, Google, Hotbot, Fast Search, Open Directory, Northern Light and
Bam! (searches only sites or select a search engine) Australian Internet Directories
Excite Australia (searches Australia, N.Z. or all the web) Boomerang Web Directory
GoEureka / Previously Alta Vista. Searches Australia, N.Z. or all the web Cowleys Australian Web Index
NineMSN WebSearch (searches Australia or select an area) LookSmart Australia (searches Australia or select from an area) NTSearch: the Northern Territory Search Point  
Web Wombat (searches Australia/N.Z. or all the web) OzSearch  
  Yahoo: Australia and New Zealand  

Subject Gateways to Internet Resources

All the Web

Below are broad subject listings of evaluated Internet resources that contain topics likely to assist in your research. The Library's Indexes and Databases page provides integrated subject access to Internet resources as well as to journal indexes, newspapers etc.

Australian Subject Gateways to Internet Resources

See also Pathways to Australian Information from the Australian Libraries Gateway.

The Invisible Web

There is a substantial amount of useful information available in searchable web databases that can't be indexed by search engines. Below are sites listing thousands of databases, catalogues etc. on a wide range of subjects.

  • Searchability / The complete list of guides (with descriptions) to thousands of search engines covering hundreds of subjects.

Government Information

Library Catalogues

Discussion Lists

Below are subject lists of email discussion groups that can be subscribed to - a valuable means of keeping up to date in field of interest. Some search engines ( HotBot, Infoseek, AltaVista) also search the archives of Usenet newsgroups

Popular Sites

Finance and Investment

Banks and Financial Institutions

OzSearch - Banking / LookSmart Australia - Banking

Real Estate and Property (See also Classifieds)

LookSmart Australia - Real Estate / Yahoo Australia - Real Estate / OzSearch - Real Estate

Stock Market

Yahoo Australia - Business / LookSmart Australia - Business and Finance / OzSearch - Business


Yahoo Australia - Classifieds / Ozsearch - Car Classifieds


(See also Classifieds) Yahoo Australia - Employment / LookSmart Australia - Employment / OzSearch - Employment


Yahoo Australia - Entertainment / LookSmart Australia - Entertainment / OzSearch - Entertainment

- Overseas

Yahoo - Entertainment / Snap - Entertainment / LookSmart - Entertainment

Images, Pictures, Sounds

News and Newspapers

Yahoo - News and Media / LookSmart - News / Snap - News / Newhoo - News

Reference Shelf - dictionaries, guides etc for quick reference

Software Sites


- Overseas Sport

Yahoo - Sport / LookSmart - Sport / Snap - Sport / Newhoo - Sport

Telephone Directories on the Web

Travel and Guides

Yahoo Australia - Travel / LookSmart Australia - Travel / OzSearch - Travel / AusIndex - Travel



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