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Downloading Documents from the NLA Server

The Library provides access to some of its more complex online documents in a range of formats including RTF (Rich Text Format); Microsoft Word or Excel; or Adobe Acrobat PDF.

When a document in one of these formats is made available on the server for downloading, there are two options available for obtaining access to the document.

For Viewing or Printing Only

  1. Activate the link using the left mouse button (normal procedure for activating a link)
  2. The document will be opened using the appropriate software package or helper application. For example, a document with a .doc extension will either be opened in Word (if Word has been loaded on the PC) or in the browser using a Word helper application. A document with the .pdf extension will be opened in the browser using the Adobe Acrobat Reader helper application.
  3. Once open, the document can be viewed or printed, but not edited. Note that some of the formatting may be lost in printing the document.

Download Microsoft helper applications or download the PDF Reader

Downloading Documents to a Local File

NB. Download methods can vary from browser to browser, or between versions of the same Web browser.

Activate the Activate the link using the right mouse button and choose the appropriate "save" option for your browser:

  Netscape "Save Link As"
  Internet Explorer "Save Target As"
  NCSA Mosaic "Load Anchor to Disk"
Opera "Get Link Document"

Select a directory for the document to be saved to and save, then open the document using the appropriate application (e.g. Microsoft Word or Excel; Adobe Acrobat Reader).

To return to the screen you were viewing prior to accessing this information about downloading, use the Back Button on your browser.

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